How Much Do ESL Teachers Make in the UK?

how much do esl teachers make uk

If you are wondering how much does an ESL teacher make in the UK, read on. This article will outline the minimum qualifications and salary range for this job, as well as how much you can earn while traveling around the country. Salary figures are estimates and subject to change, so you should keep an eye on them for updates. In addition, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to be flexible in terms of travel, and that you’ll be expected to teach a variety of subjects.


How much do English language teachers earn in the UK? The UK has a high demand for EFL teachers. Their work involves teaching students English, helping them to improve their spoken and written language skills, and helping them to learn the English language. EFL teachers can work in a variety of settings, including high schools, commercial language schools, higher education institutions, and even industry. They can also be self-employed. Typically, they work with children from 4 to 16 years of age.

Generally, English language teachers earn around $85,000 a year, or $43 per hour. While entry-level English teachers earn approximately $58,500 per year, more experienced teachers can earn up to $100,008 a year. Although one in every five adults in the UK is learning English, the UK has a huge demand for highly skilled English teachers. With over one billion people studying the language in the world, demand is high. Additionally, as more colleges and universities are developing online teaching platforms, there are opportunities for teachers to earn more money.


English language teaching can be a rewarding career, but the wrong teacher training course could damage your prospects. To help you find the right course, the English UK provides support for language teachers and agents, including specialist courses, training days, and links to other websites. To find out more, read on. This article outlines the requirements for English language teachers in the UK. Listed below are some of the most important ones to consider.

The majority of English language teachers are employed by schools on fixed-term contracts. Contracts typically last nine to two years, but permanent employment is possible if you are committed to teaching. While many EFL teachers work overseas, many teach in the UK during the summer season. During these times, students may be enrolled in summer courses, which usually offer free or subsidised board and sick pay. While EFL teachers are mainly based in classrooms, some work outside the classroom to engage in social activities and get to know their colleagues.

Travel opportunities

There are numerous travel opportunities for English teachers, which may include teaching in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. Some English teachers line up their teaching jobs before leaving their home country. For first-time teachers, lining up a teaching position before leaving will be helpful. However, keep in mind that you may need to secure a visa while outside your home country. Listed below are some tips to travel for teaching English as a second language.

To travel as an ESL teacher, you should first get the appropriate qualifications and land a teaching position in a particular country. Once you’ve landed a job in the country of your choice, you can begin to plan your travels. Some teachers end up traveling for their entire careers. While a full-time ESL teacher may not be able to do that, traveling while teaching can still be a great experience.


There are many different types of English language teaching qualifications in the UK, and it’s worth checking out the various certifications and qualifications to see which ones are best for your specific needs. You may want to get a TEFL or TESOL qualification, or perhaps just teach English as a second language. In any case, these qualifications are all well-recognized in the UK and are an excellent way to get started in this career.

Most employers will require at least a Bachelor’s degree. If you don’t have an undergraduate degree, you can get the necessary teaching experience through TEFL certification. A higher level of experience can also make you stand out from the crowd. The qualifications of English language teachers in the UK can be found online. Check if you’re qualified by looking for logos of leading institutions or other designations. A degree in English language and literature will be the best choice, but many humanities courses are recognized as equivalents.